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Time For Fall Maintenance

A common expectation of homeowners is to want the components and systems in their home to work when they need them. Periodic maintenance is just as important as having a trusted service provider to … [Read More...]

Single Family Rental Opportunities!

Many years ago, Las Vegas hotels would entice customers with inexpensive rooms, meals and entertainment so they would gamble.  It may have worked initially but if you’ve been to Las Vegas recently, … [Read More...]

Is a Reverse Mortgage Good For You?

With all of the encouragement from celebrity spokespersons like Fred Thompson, Robert Wagner and Henry Winkler, there is a growing awareness of reverse mortgages.  The fact is that our population is … [Read More...]


Mobile-Friendly Website

Wanting to Search for Listings with your Mobile Device?           You do not need a special APP to search listings here. My MLS Data pages will automatically be displayed in the mobile-friendly … [Read More...]

Comparing Homes By Square Footage

In an attempt to compare homes, one of the common denominators has been price per square foot.  It seems like a fairly, straight forward method but there are differences in the way homes are … [Read More...]

Some VA Loan Advantages

The Veterans Administration guarantees home loans for eligible veterans.  It is considered an attractive loan because the veteran can purchase the home with no down payment up to specific loan limits … [Read More...]

Your Best Investment

More money has been lost to indecision than was ever lost to making the wrong decision.  The economy and the housing market have caused some people to take a “wait and see” position that could cost … [Read More...]

Tips For Renters

The first home purchase can be the culmination of years of planning and consideration. Buyers typically look for 12 weeks and use a variety information sources for research before purchasing. However, … [Read More...]

Monthly Newsletter for July

This month's  Newsletter, Realty Times, is full of interesting and useful information that I think you will enjoy whether you are a buyer, seller, or homeowner. This month's issue includes topics such … [Read More...]

15 Year vs. 30 Year Loans

Freddie Mac chief economist, Frank Nothaft, says that affordability, stability and flexibility are the three reasons homebuyers overwhelmingly choose a 30 year term.  However, for those who can afford … [Read More...]